Abkarr Corporation is a full-service, multi

   disciplinary engineering firm with offices in

   Baghdad, Iraq. Originally founded in 1975,

   the firm has been involved in a variety of

   engineering projects with a particular

   emphasis in the City Infrastructure Industry.


   Through out its history, Abkarr has completed more than 250 projects for clients ranging in

   size from small communities and industries to large cities. These projects have provided the

   firm with a wide range of experience in all aspects of the civil infrastructure industry as well as

   in other related fields.


   Abkarr's staff, consisting of more than 214 employees, 33 of which are licensed professional

   engineers, is extensively qualified to offer involvement in all phases of a project, including:


   Project Management

   Facilities, Master, and Program Planning

   Feasibility and Rate Studies

   Pilot Plant Investigations and Operational Analyses

   Conceptual and Detailed Design


   Bidding Services

   Construction Phase Engineering and Resident Project Representation

   Operation and Maintenance Manual Preparation

   Start-Up, Operator Training and Operation Assistance

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